Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Basement with standing water with appliances and fixtures

Milton Flood Damage in Basement

Hurricane Henri brought storm damage to this Milton basement. SERVPRO technicians needed to extract a large amount of standing water. The techs moved out appliances and fixtures for inspection and cleaning outside the worksite.

Hurricane Irma

SERVPRO went to Florida to help with the devastation that occurred following Hurricane Irma. We were able to help 15 Homeowners and 4 Business owners get their life back together after wind and rain damage. 

Helping out Billy Joe's Ribworks after Hurricane Sandy

SERVPRO was there to help Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburgh, NY after Hurricane Sandy hit. We were the first people called in and we made it "Like It Never Even Happened" Billy Joe's was up and running a short 3 days later.

Roof Torn Off During Storm

This picture is of a commercial building ceiling after part of the roof tore off from high winds during a rain storm. Water came down into the area which caused damage to multiple units.

An Apartment Full of Mulch

This is not a sewer backup. This is a picture of an apartment that is full of mulch. The rain storm caused the front door to the apartment to blow off and all the rain and mulch from outside came in.

SERVPRO of Orange, Sullivan & S.Ulster Counties is “Faster to any sized disaster!”

When multiple calls come in at once, SERVPRO calls in a team that is able to bring up a trailer that has more equipment to be able to get to more homeowner. Especially after heavy rain, SERVPRO needs more equipment so they can help more people who were affected by the storms. 

Water Damage After Storm

If you look on the wall next to the couch you can see the one and a half foot water line that was in the living room. That is flood water that came into the home during Hurricane Irene. There was also mulch and other dirt that came into the home from the outdoors.