Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Wall with burned insulation

Barryville Fire Damage Cleanup Inside the Walls

After an electrical fire in this Barryville home, the fire damage made the insulation in the walls reek of smoke. Soot and odor cannot get removed from insulation and it required removal and disposal during the cleanup process. SERVPRO techs then prepped the area for the installation of new insulation.

Garage Fire

Here is a photo of the aftermath a fire in a Garage could look like. Luckily no one was hurt in the fire and it mostly stayed contained to that area. SERVPRO boarded up the home and started the cleaning process immediately for the homeowners. 

Bathroom Fire

This picture shows an accurate description of what a bathroom may look like after a fire occurs in a home. The fire was put out with water which caused the streaking in the bath tub and other areas. 

Roof Fire

This fire started on the roof and spread. All the roofing materials, attic contents and ceiling came down into the home. This picture shows the clear daylight because there is no roof. This is the kitchen of the home. SERVPRO is there to help with the entire cleanup and reconstruction process. 

No Known Cause Fire

There was no cause and origin decided on this house which means the homeowners do not know how the fire started. It burned up the majority of the front of the home. SERVPRO came in a boarded up the basement area and extracted water from the basement. 

Smoke Damage

This shows how exact smoke rises in a fire situation. The smoke only got half way down the wall area. Unfortunately, when the soot is that heavy SERVPRO can prep to paint the walls, they will not be able to be completely cleaned. 

Stove Fire

This is a stove after a small kitchen fire occurred.  No one was hurt in the fire but it shows the importance of not leaving anything on the stove unattended for a long period of time.