Commercial Photo Gallery

Fire Damage at Laundromat

Laundromat had a dryer fire that SERVPRO was called in to clean up. This photo shows the soot that came up the wall that needed to be cleaned. SERVPRO was able to work around the Laundromat and they were still able to stay open for business. 

Commercial Fire in School

We arrived on scene at a Commercial Fire in a school on a Friday Afternoon. Pictured here is one of our technicians working their way through the main areas HEPA Vacuuming up the soot debris. 

Flooding After Hurricane Irene

This commercial loss was a flooding damage after Hurricane Irene. The water came into a commercial kitchen which caused dirt build up on the floor. SERVPRO came in and cleaned up the entire area. 

New Apartments Plagued by Water Damage

New high rise apartments were in the midst of getting put together. The contractors did not install the drains properly so when we received heavy rainfall the water came into the building instead of running off the roof. SERVPRO can even help in the middle of a commercial project. 

Shopping Mall

This picture is a back corridor of a shopping mall. In the picture it shows water that is throughout the hallway behind multiple stores. SERVPRO had to extract and disinfect the areas to make sure it was safe for customers and employees to go back into the areas. 

Frozen Pipes

When a frozen pipe bursts in a commercial building, SERVPRO goes all hands on deck. Even in snow, SERVPROs Team is there starting the water damage to make sure no secondary damage occurs. 

Commercial Drying Unit After Hurricane Irene

This is a picture of our commercial drying unit after Hurricane Irene hit our area. Drying is a necessity when a large commercial building is hit by water. This unit can dry out a 100,000 square foot building.