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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

What Does It Take To Restore Fire Damage In A Milton Bed & Breakfast?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up shot of fire Your Monticello, Gardiner, or Liberty bed and breakfast can regain its homely feel after a fire incident.

SERVPRO Helps Manage The Loss Site And Carry Out The Necessary Restoration Processes In Milton

The people visiting your bed & breakfast have different expectations, including spending time tucked away in their rooms or the common areas interacting with other patrons. When a fire incident affects your Milton facility, how you handle the restoration can have a long-term impact. SERVPRO has well-trained technicians who can help perform all restoration activities to the necessary standards.

What are the main restoration activities after fire damage in a Milton Ben & Breakfast?

    •    Availing site services for more convenience
    •    Sorting of damaged items
    •    Identification of working areas
    •    Management of contents

In an ideal world, everything affected by the fire would be dumped and replaced with new items. However, such an approach is extremely costly. Therefore, there is a need to identify and classify items by the level of damage so that only those deemed as ruined are disposed of. Our SERVPRO technicians help by grouping the items into three categories:
    •    Salvageable
    •    Unsalvageable
    •    Questionable

We base the decision on the level of damage as well as how the item in question is used. For instance, rugs or mattresses with only one section burnt are unsalvageable, while items like beds or other wooden furniture with similar damage are salvageable. The questionable category is for items with damage that is hard to classify as salvageable or unsalvageable. We can take such items offsite for specialized cleaning or other restoration processes.

What kind of services does a fire loss site need?

Fire incidents in Milton can create a variety of challenges that interfere with the restoration process or even create hazards. For instance, it might not be possible to use any of the toilets within the bed & breakfast during the restoration of fire damage. Proper set up of some services can help eliminate these challenges. Our SERVPRO crew chiefs make the necessary arrangements to have services like:
    •    Portable dumpsters
    •    Portable toilets
    •    Portable storage units
    •    Auxiliary power sources such as generators

The restoration process is likely to take time to complete. Lack of facilities such as toilets or even storage areas at the site can add more time to the restoration timeline since people have to leave the property to find them. Restoration processes also involve the aggregation of a wide range of waste items, including building materials torn down from the walls or ceiling as well as contents such as burnt beddings. The regular trash receptacles used at the facility cannot hold the extra waste. The portable dumpsters our crews provide, help solve this problem. We also lay plywoods on the driveway before placing the dumpster to protect it.

Why is the identification of work areas necessary?

The fire is likely to affect rooms differently. Work area identification helps map out all the affected areas within the B&B. When our SERVPRO production managers do this, they also collect useful information such as the total surface area of the affected areas and the type of damage in each section. We also note whether there are any "off-limits" areas based on your preference or other factors such as investigations into the cause of the fire. The information gained when assessing work areas helps us come up with an accurate estimate of the time the job is likely to take to complete. With an accurate estimate, you can inform your regular clients of the expected timelines when you can resume operations, which can cement your reputation as a professionally run bed and breakfast.

How are contents managed during the restoration process?

Managing contents at a fire loss site is a challenging process. Depending on the level of damage, a move out might be necessary, but in other cases, it is possible to clean them up within the loss site. Either way, content manipulation is necessary for convenience, as well as protecting them from further damages. Our SERVPRO crews combine different methods, including finding areas with minimal or no damage to act as temporary storage. The portable storage containers also help hold some items safely.

Content management must factor in the possibility of secondary damage to items. For instance, storing wet items among dry ones can spread moisture damage to items that were unaffected initially. Moisture is problematic because it leads to the setting of residues, sparks mold growth, and causes rusting in metal items. Our technicians take note of wet items and hold them separately.

Proper management of the loss site allows the exhaustive performance of restoration activities, including cleaning, demolition, and rebuilding, as well as deodorization, removing traces of the fire incident, “Like it never even happened.”

Your Monticello, Gardiner, or Liberty bed and breakfast can regain its homely feel after a fire incident. Call SERVPRO of Sullivan and South Ulster Counties at (845) 791-7647 to assist. We are available 24/7.

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