Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Eldred Water Heater Causes Water Damage

When a water heater burst in an Eldred basement, it caused water damage that affected the basement and other areas of the home. In a hallway, the water seeped t... READ MORE

Sewer Backup from Town Sewer

Sewer Backup from the septic lines from the street into the basement. The town was cleaning out the sewer lines and caused a backup into the homeowners basement... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Bathroom

Sewer backup into a person's bathtub and toilet overflowed onto the floor. SERVPRO got in quickly to get it cleaned up so that the homeowners could use the bath... READ MORE

Small Water Damage From Toilet Overflow

Sewer backups are a type of water damage homeowners need to be prepared for. This water damage was caused by a younger child putting a toy car into the toilet w... READ MORE

Water Damage from Frozen Pipe Burst

This water damage was caused by a deep freeze the area had. The water damage started after a frozen pipe burst and started flooding down into the kitchen area. ... READ MORE

Small Water Damage in Basement

Not all water damages that SERVPRO is called out on are large. SERVPRO handles all jobs small to large scale. This job is a small pipe break that occurred in a ... READ MORE

Ceiling With Water Damage

When water comes from above in a home, a lot of times the ceiling in the basement level needs to come down. This is exactly what happened in this home. Water fr... READ MORE